Test - 2 Fever πŸ‘»

Test - 2 Fever πŸ‘»

Check-In πŸ“Œ

I focussed on studying Math - III and on solving related problems today (Obviously, cause I have my Test - 2 starting tomorrow). 😀

I feel like I can’t balance my sleep that well now, as my schedule has gone berserk since Ramadan started. So I’ll have to work on that so I could find more time to study and work on my stuff. ⏳

Also, I found this really interesting problem on LeetCode today, where you are required to find the number of β€œIslands” from a given 2-D Grid. I tried to use Backtracking along with Depth-First Search Algorithm to solve the question in O(nm) time complexity, but I think it could be solved faster (I’ll have to think how though). You could find the code I wrote here.

Let me know in the comments if you have a better solution. πŸ€—

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Studied Math - III πŸ“š
  • Continued Reading The Sealed Nectar πŸ’›
  • Ramadan Day 5 ❀️

Goals for tomorrow πŸ“

  • Study Data Structures and Algorithms and Microprocessors and Interfacing πŸ“š
  • Ramadan Day 6 ❀️

Side Note πŸ’­

If you guys have suggestions for the stuff that I should try to mention in the daily-blog template, let me know through the comments below, or just send me a message here.

updated_at 17-04-2021