Math - III ✏️

Math - III ✏️

Check-In 📌

Test - 2 started today!

To be honest, the Math - III paper went better than I expected. (I mean I did stay up till 2:00 AM studying so nvm)

Oh. The paper had this question where we had to use Laplace Transformation to solve the differential equation. Although I did practice alot, this question was different. I didn’t know what to do after reaching a point while writing the answer, substituting the value for y’(0). So I guess I’m losing my marks there (besides the other marks also that I will be losing) :)))

(Let me know if you have the complete solution for it!)

Good thing that the exam was by 1:30 PM, which allowed me to get a little sleep. (That won’t be the case tomorrow though.)

Anyway, I’ll have to get back to studying Database Systems now, so bye bye!

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Wrote my Math - III Test - 2 ✍️
  • Studied (more like studying) Database Systems 📚
  • Ramadan Day 6 ❤️

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Write Database Systems Test - 2 ✍️
  • Study Microprocessors and Interfacing and Data Structures and Algorithms 📚
  • Ramadan Day 7 ❤️

updated_at 18-04-2021