Rabbit Hole πŸ•³

Rabbit Hole πŸ•³

Check-in πŸ“Œ

I had quite a busy day; I focussed on studying Microprocessors and Interfacing today. To be honest, the subject is really interesting. It really gives you brief dive into what actually happens in most of our devices.

Speaking about devices, my PC is really annoying sometimes. It has decent specs and works like a breeze usually. But when I have something to do urgently (like submit my journal or continue my GitHub Streak), then it just stops working. Like it almost knows that I something to do and it goes like β€œHAHA abshar. Nope”. πŸ‘€

Also, I have my first meeting with the GitHub Campus Experts tomorrow! So I’m quite excited for that. Looking forward to it! 🀩

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Studied Miroprocessors and Interfacing πŸ“š
  • Went through the day as planned πŸ“†
  • Completed submission ✍
  • Ramadan Day 2 ❀️

Goals for tomorrow πŸ“

  • Study Data Structures and Algorithms and Math - III πŸ“š
  • Attend the first meeting with GitHub and the Campus Experts πŸŽ‰
  • Continue reading the Research Paper πŸ“„
  • Ramadan Day 3 ❀️

Side Note πŸ’­

If you guys have suggestions for the stuff that I should try to mention in the daily-blog template, let me know through the comments below, or just send me a message here.

updated_at 14-04-2021