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Check-in πŸ“Œ

To start off, if you guys are looking for a book to read, try out β€œThe War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. I haven’t got done with the book yet, but I already love it! πŸ™Œ

I found it a little difficult to plan the day with Ramadan here. So, I thought to try out a new schedule from tomorrow (Thank you Inas), which could help me find time to study and prep for the coming Test-2. Nevertheless, I feel that I did spend my day productively, by using my time well as well as by getting enough sleep. But I guess I could do better. πŸ’‘

Also, the fact that every faculty is asking for a reason to attend the exams online is getting a little annoying now. Uhm, I don’t the pandemic?ΒΏ πŸ‘€

I really want to attend the exams offline, but only once the situation gets better and when a considerable amount of students attends it offline. (I might be contradicting myself, but this is what I feel)

(Also, I’ll try to follow this format for a daiy blog and post a blog on a topic once or twice a week. This would allow me to write good content, as well as get me time to work and study)

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Studied Database Systems πŸ“š
  • Started reading a paper on Computer Vision (refer below) πŸ“ƒ
  • Practice Questions for Math - III ✍️
  • Planned the schedule for the Test - II πŸ—“
  • Ramadan Day 1 ❀️

Goals for tomorrow πŸ“

  • Go through the day as planned πŸ“…
  • Study Math - III and Microprocessors and Interfacing πŸ“š
  • Practice sklearn (Linear Regression)
  • Ramadan Day 2 ❀️

Resources πŸ› 

Side Note πŸ’­

If you guys have suggestions for the stuff that I should try to mention in the daily-blog template, let me know through the comments below, or just send me a message here.

updated_at 13-04-2021