My timeline as a Student ⏳

Infinity 💥

(Disclaimer: I’ll try to be as completely honest as possible so that you could have a good time reading the blog!)

I was born and brought up in my homeland, Kerala, India, in this beautiful place called Thalassery (a place in the district of Kannur), known for the delicious Thalassery Biriyani. I did my Kindergarten there (KG1 & KG2). I was always the naughty one in the class. 🤓

Since Grade - 1, I’ve been here in the UAE. To be honest, it was quite difficult for me to fit in the beginning as I wasn’t fluent with the language too, but then eventually caught up everything (I remember when I was in grade - 2, I once struggled finding the word “Daughter” while speaking to a friend of mine. To just continue with the convo, I had to go ahead and kinda explain the word to him; “the girl version of a son”) 😂

Grade - 3 was one of the most memorable year I had as a student. I made so many new friends, formed the “gang” and so on. 💛

My journey all the way till around Grade - 9 was similar. I didn’t care about studies. Scored bad (like bad). I was really naughty too (I had to go to the headmaster’s office I couple of times 👀).

But then something happened; something even I don’t know. Although the beginning of Grade - 10 kinda felt similar to how it had been all along, I started becoming a different person towards the end of Grade - 10. I started studying. I was much more disciplined (Although I continued bunking classes). And somehow I started acing my exams. (I still remember that I scored the highest in the school in a couple of subjects for my model examinations). 💯

I aced my Grade - 10 Board Examinations too! 🎉

If you were to ask me what changed, or what me change, I really don’t know. Perhaps its maybe a teacher I had, or my parents motivating me, but I really don’t know the actual reason. 😅

Then came Grade - 11 (One of the 23423 “main” changing points in life as referred to by Indian Parents). I took up science, cause I always loved it and never saw it as a “burden” while studying either.

I thought to apply for the Student Council in my School, then, for the position of the Assistant Head Boy. Although it seemed like a really long-shot for me, I thought to give it a go anyway. (I had this amazing friend from grade - 2, who always aced his exams since and was the class monitor since grade - 1 and he had applied for the position too) 👨

Teachers liked me. I gave my interview with the Chairman. And boom! I got selected for the position! 🎉

Although it seemed like a really great time for me, things soon changed. Situations came up where I wasn’t doing mentally well. To point out an instance, I had a crazy supervisor who just didn’t care what a student waws going through, even after being a part of the Council.

Let’s not go more into it, cause I like making these blog positive.

Despite all that, I still maintained being the person I was. I scored well, became a good leader, and good student.

Grade - 12 then came about. Being the last year in school, I worked hard and also spent time with a few amazing friends. As I was preparing for Competitive Exams, it was really stressful too; 6 hour classes, less hours of sleep, 13-14 hours of study and so on.

I aced my Board Examinations! And did decent with my Competitive Exams too (Although not that great too)

I joined BITS Pilani Dubai Campus soon after school. And I wasn’t sure; I wasn’t sure about how it would be for me, would it allow me to do things I want, and so on. But once I got into the campus, it all started slowly becoming clear for me. I made some amazing friends. I had great seniors helping and advicing me with everything. It was amazing! ⭐️

I still try to maintain the way I study while having fun at the same time.

Once the Pandemic hit, things just went berserk. Online university just totally started holding me back. I started procrastinating (alot. like alottt). 🙁

But once reality hit me (hit me real bad), by the start of Year - 2, I slowly started working again to build up my career and to achieve my goals. 🙌

Through out the journey till now, I had so many amazing people who kept supporting and motivating me through whatever situation I went through; my parents, siblings, cousins, friends, teachers, and so on.

And to them: Thank you. I genuinely appreciate you for everything you did for me. ❤️

I don’t know where my journey ahead takes me as student, a friend, a son, or a person. But all I know is that I will always work hard and also try to become a better version of myself, InShaAllah. 💯

You should do too! Always. 💯

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Discussed with faculty 💭
  • Studied Data Structures and Algorithms 📚
  • Decided a project for the next semester 💥
  • Attended Taraweeh - Ramadan Day 1 ❤️
  • Created a template for the blog 🌐
  • Practiced Pandas and Numpy 📝

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Study Database Systems & Microprocessors and Interfacing 📚
  • Complete Submissions ✍️
  • Start reading a paper on Computer Vision 📃
  • Read more about Classification Models 🔎
  • Attend Taraweeh - Ramadan Day 2 ❤️

Side note 💭

Ramadan Kareem Y'all! 🌙❤️

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