DSA and Microprocessors & Interfacing ✏️

DSA and Microprocessors & Interfacing ✏️

Check-In 📌

Yes, I didn’t get proper sleep last night too. (Ended up sleeping by 3:00 AM. Also, I don’t recommend staying up late to study)

The tests did go well though. Both the papers were lengthy. So I had trouble completing the last question for both the papers.

Besides that, I could now go get some really good sleep, with me wrapped in my blanket like a Shawarma (I’m not hungry).

I’m keeping this check-in short cause I’m actually sleepy right now. I’ll try posting some good blogs in the coming days, cause I’m actually enjoying doing this. Hope you are too! ♥️

Alright. My goodnight message to you:

Goodnight! 🌚 You did amazing today. I'm proud of you! ✨
You'll get up fresh tomorrow and start/continue working on your amazing goals. ⚡️

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Wrote my Data Structures and Algorithms and Microproccesors and Interfacing Test - 2 ✍️
  • Took a really good break to get me going from tomorrow!
  • Ramadan Day 8 ❤️

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Start training for GitHub Campus Experts 🚩
  • Discuss for upcoming assignments 📃
  • Work on Linear Regression 💻
  • Ramadan Day 9 ❤️

updated_at 20-04-2021