Day 9

What did I do today? ⚡️

So, most of my morning today went in for my Driving Test (don’t ask how it went 😓)

During the afternoon, I started researching and getting more into the concepts that I would need to be familiar with, for my project this semester, with Computer Vision. I focussed on getting familiar with Neural Networks, specifically, CNN and RNN. I’ll try to go through more concepts, before the semester starts, so I could work well with my project.

Later, I attended this amazing session by IBM. It was the session #1 of a 4-part series on Deep Learning. As they were covering few concepts that I might need for the project I will be working on, attending the session definitely helped alot. (I’ll drop the link for the other three sessions below)

Then I got into working on my Dart Programming Language skills. TBH, it has been quite easy to catch on with it, as it’s syntax works similar to Python and C++. The reason why I’m working on learning Dart is as it is one of prereqs for getting into Flutter. So, I tried creating a small beginner Flutter App today too!

To end the day, I worked a little more on my JavaScript skills. I really want to make sure that I have my base right, before I work with Frameworks.

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updated_at 23-08-2021