Day 10

What did I do today? ⚡️

I started my day by learning (and coding) Dart. As I’m done with the basic syntax (which actually easy if you know Python, Java, and C++), I got into a bit of the Flutter Framework as well. I’ll try to start a project or something soon, so that I could build something while learning at the same time.

Then I spent a little time reading the documentation for the Python Library, OpenCV. I’ll try to read more research papers on topics related to Computer Vision, as that would help me get a better grasp of the field.

Later, I spent some time reaching out and talking to a few community leaders from the universities in the UAE; specifically, NYU Abu Dhabi, Heriot Watt Dubai, and Amity Dubai. I also reached out to a few leaders from Google, Careem, etc. from Duabi, to get their views about the same.

After that, I had a meeting with the Tech Team of my Club, to discuss about the current work, and little about future plans.

And to end the day, I spent some time working on my JavaScript skills! 😎

updated_at 24-08-2021