Day 11

What did I do today? ⚡️

Today’s main focus was getting my JavaScript right, and also working along with Web Dev. I spent a few hours coding in JavaScript, targetting few coding problems. I’ll try to be familiar with ES6 by tomorrow, so I take the next step with JS. (I should try starting a project ASAP UGH)

Later, I attended the session #2 for the four part series on Deep Learning by IBM. It was quite an interesting session!

After that, I tried setting up my environment for Flutter Development. Didn’t take much time, but I hope that I don’t waste time when I start getting into development.

Later, I tried looking up for upcoming hackathons! (MLH has always got your back!) So I ended up registering for a few hackathons in the coming weekends (Yep, plural).

That was it from Day 11! (I’m probably gonna lose the count soon 😬)

updated_at 25-08-2021