Day 8

What did I do today? ⚡️

I started my day off by reaching out to a few student community leaders from various universities in the UAE, to get started with the Student Developer Community! The response from them has been great till now! If you personall know someone, in some university here in the UAE, who handles Computer Science Club activities, or is a community leader in general, do let me know, so that I could maybe get in touch with them!

Later, I spent some time working on my JavaScript skills. I’ll slowly move on to working on my Framework skills (React) as well, once I’m done filling in my repository with JavaScript content.

I took a dive into Dart Programming Language as well. I’m looking to get started with Flutter soon, and that requires me to have knowledge about the Dart Programming Language, among other things.

That’s it for Day 8! 🚀 (Yes, I like this emoji alot!)

updated_at 22-08-2021