Day 3

What did I do today? ⚡️

Okay, So. Day 3 didn’t go that well. I mean, TBH, it did go well, but not as I planned.

I really wanted to spend most of the day coding, but I ended up spending my time on other stuff.

So, I started my day with getting back to solving Coding Problems on various platforms again (YAY!). I think I should be solving more problems, which requires more DSA concepts, to really improve my coding skills.

I also continued to spend more time on that freeCodeCamp course, as I was in a Web Dev mood today. I ended up completing most of it, and I guess I’ll finish the course soon.

To the people who follow me in GitHub: I have alot of private repositories, alot of which are projects I’m doing or have done. They are staying private as I end up not completing them 😬

So I tried to continue one of those projects today, which I actually liked alot doing.

I spent the rest of the day trying to do my research on how I could bring up a Student Developer Community in UAE. I feel this is necessary as upto what I observed, although there are quite a few popular Developer Groups here in UAE (eg: IBM Developer Group, GDG, etc.), there isn’t a well established Student Developer Community in UAE, besides the clubs in each university.

I had a good chat with one of my peer GitHub Campus Expert from Turkey, Abdurrahman Rajab, where we spoke the same, and other community related stuff. I also reached out to a few amazing community leaders in UAE, to talk to them about the same 🚀.

Overall, the day went amazing, but yes, I should be spending more time coding!

updated_at 17-08-2021