Day 4

What did I do today? ⚡️

Ayy! Day 4 already! 🚀

I was in Machine Learning kinda mood today. So I focussed on going through few concepts in ML, which I wanted revise; namely Pipelines, XGBoost, and bit of UMAP as well.

(If you are familiar with Clustering Algorthims such as K-Means, I suggest you read about UMAP as well!)

After that, I took a look at Python Library OpenCV, to get started with Computer Vision. I’ll also try to follow through a course of Stanford or Udacity to learn the core concepts. (If you do know any other good courses on Computer Vision, let me know!) 👀

Then, I tried setting up Google Analytics on to this website. Although I did follow the steps properly, and embedded the code and tracking ID properly, I wasn’t able to it setup well ☹️. (Hit me up if you are familiar with Google Analytics and Jekyll)

The club that I’m part of, ACM BPDC, have our Coding Bootcamp coming up soon! So I worked a bit on it, and tried to fix in the content through our GitHub Repo.

I didn’t want to skip Web Dev today, so I tried to complete one more module in the freeCodeCamp course. I’ll try to finish it up by tomorrow, and start with a project as well! TBH, even if you are revising (like me) or learning for the first, freeCodeCamp has amazing resources available.

I wanted to create a repo with notes of JavaScript, so I created one, and started to fill it in from the basics, so that I could revise them as well! (It’s private for now, shh!)

At last, I ended the day by solving a coding problem from LeetCode, as I’m trying to get back to regularly solving them like before.

That’s it for day 4!

updated_at 18-08-2021