Day 2

DAY 2! LET’S GO! 🚀

What did I do today? ⚡️

Alright! Day 2.

I guess I didn’t have a good start to the day as I didn’t spend my time right, even after getting up quite earlier. (I’ll have to fix that by atleast listening to Tech Podcasts like “Code Newbie” or “The README Podcast”)

But I caught on as the day went on. I managed to get all the checks passed, for a Pull Request I created yesterday, so yay! (Hope it gets merged soon). I took a dive into more Open-Source repos as well, looking to find places where I could do more contributions. (I’ll have to start solving Coding Problems also regularly again. TBH, I miss doing it regularly)

I went on to complete the Machine Learning Course that I started yesterday, to revise my concepts. I thought to start another more advanced ML course as well, to revise the other concepts. Once the course was done, trying out Kaggle competitions was my next step. So I tried out a few competitions, and made quite a few submissions as well. I also managed to read through 3 (long) articles on topics in Machine Learning which I had been curious about, from the training sessions during my internship. Once I’m quite revised with my concepts, I’ll move on to concepts within Computer Vision

Besides that, I want to revise my Web Dev concepts as well. So I thought to continue the course on freeCodeCamp. I’ll have to try finish those courses asap!

(Also, check out the #100DaysOfCode page for the new Countdown until the end of this challenge!)

A small clip from today; freeCodeCamp

updated_at 16-08-2021