Day 20

What did I do today? ⚡️

I’ll be completely honest; as it’s my last weekend before university starts(and endless sleepless nights + infinite stress) again, I thought to take a small break today.

Let me tell you what I did today:

I spend alottt (insert more t’s to emphasize) of my time today, playing Hitman 3, as I’m almost done with the game. (Love the game!)

Then I spent alot of my time, binging on the show Community. (Slowly liking it too)

And then, had a good chat with friends. We were supposed to talk about the electives we would be taking this semester, but the conversation kept going somewhere else (like always).

And that’s pretty much all I did today. It was fun. Relaxing.

It’s sometimes really essential to take a break. Go out for a walk. Or play some game (like I did). Or talk to friends and family. Anything. That break could allow you to do your other tasks much better and efficient.

That’s it for Day 20. See you tomorrow! 🚀

updated_at 03-09-2021