Day 21

What did I do today? ⚡️

So today was the last day before uni opened again (for which I’m pretty excited :)), and I thought to chill out a bit today too! 😬

To start off the day, I worked a bit on Flutter, and tweaking the Quiz App that I created, just so that I don’t lose the flow of learning Flutter. I also spent some time working and practicing on my JavaScript skills.

After that, I tried to finalize my courses and timetable for the upcoming Semester, so that I don’t mess anything up for the registration happening tomorrow.

Then, I had an amazing meeting with the squad from my club, ACM.

Later, I also worked a bit on the Discord bot I’m building, for an upcoming Discord Server.

(I have trouble assigning roles to members through the discord bot. If you are familiar with the discord api, let me know!)

That was pretty much it for today. I’ll sure put in much more work from tomorrow! 🚀

updated_at 04-09-2021