Day 19

What did I do today? ⚡️

So, as it was the last thursday before uni opened again, I tried to chill out a bit (and watch this new show that I started watching called “Community”).

I did spend of time learning and coding with the Flutter Framework. I managed to get done with the Basic Quiz App that I was building. Building it really allowed me to jump into and browse through the source codes for various Classes, Functions, and enums which are very commonly used with Flutter.

To keep going with flow, I spent some time practicing my JavaScript too. (TBH, I’m really liking the feel of JavaScript, as compared to Python, which I use the most to code)

I spent some time with the Machine Learning Course too, which I started, just to revise the concepts which I haven’t used for some time now.

Besides that, I spent some time updating my CV also, as I was browsing through Opportunities for the next Summer (2022).

That’s it for Day 19! 🚀

updated_at 02-09-2021