Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah 🏫

Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah 🏫

A picture with the boys, on the last day of school

Looking back at the days you spent in your school, you never think about “Oh I scored x marks at y subject”, or if you failed or passed an exam. The memories that you keep with you from that amazing place are probably the ones where you had too much fun, which led you to the Headmaster’s office (which did happen to me).

Ah. I had these amazing bunch of friends too at school. And school would’ve been boring without them. Be it snacking on mini oreos and popcorn while the sir took the class, or having all kinds of fun during picnic, those amazing people made me happy, and made my school life an amazing one.

We realise how beautiful and joyful each of those moments were, once we are way past that moment in life. Just like those days, the moments that you spend now with your family or friends, could be something that you would keep safe in your memories, and someday, you would look back at these moments and smile. So make sure that you spend your time well with them, before those moments are long gone.

Have you for a moment taken a step back to think about those crazy days, which went past you like a wind?
If not, now is your moment!

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Scheduled meets in for the week
  • Completed optimizing the solutions for problems on Airline Legs and Segments
  • Read the documentation for Dash Framework in Python
  • Read more about Time Series Forecasting

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Presentation on my implementation for the problems on Airline Legs and Segments
  • Start building an app using the Dash Framework
  • Read the documentation for Django Framework
  • Learn more about Power BI

updated_at 15-06-2021