Atoms ⚛️

Atoms ⚛️

My Love: Chai

Journaling 📔

This was something that I started to do not that long back. Although initially I was pretty not-down with the whole idea of physically writing stuff down on a book, journaling is something that I’m glad I started doing.

Journaling could be writing about your day, planning out your day (week, month or year), writing about your thoughts and ideas and so on. It’s not necessary that it should be a daily-thing as well. You could do it on the weekends, or whenever you could take a moment to just sit down.

Personally, I use my journal to plan out my day (and week), jot down the amazing ideas I have, and sometimes write down about how the day went.

After I started journaling, I noticed a huge impact on the work I did. I was much more focused and concentrated on the tasks I wanted to do, as I very well knew how I wanted to spend my day; working towards my daily goals.

We surround ourselves around so many devices and we run around our busy lives, that we also sometimes forget how powerful and impactful taking a moment off from our busy bandwagon to sit down and write down our thoughts and ideas would be.

Try it out.
You'll be surprised to see what impact it has on you too!

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Completed working on the presentation for the exercises given by the OR Team
  • Read through the documentation of Plotly (Python)
  • Read through the documentation of Dash (Python)
  • Built a sample web app using Dash and Plotly, to analyze the data of sales of over 10,000 records, over a period of time
  • Read through the documentation of Django (for the idea pitch)
  • Started working on building a web app for analyzing COVID-19 cases

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Learn more about the clustering of flights
  • Build a web scrapper for COVID-19 data
  • Work on building a Django Based Web App

updated_at 16-06-2021