Cloud Nine ☁️

Cloud Nine ☁️

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Work! 💯

One aspect that could be clearly seen between a pro and an amateur is that the pro always gets up and works towards her goals, no matter what obstacle comes towards her.

Work” is an integral part to achieve success; be it in Computer Science, Business, Writing, or whatever career choices there might be.

By work, I don’t mean the 9 - 5 jobs specifically. It could be you getting up to sit on your workspace to continue working towards your dreams, goals and/or aspirations. That is work. Waking up early, to catch that metro, to meet and interact with people, to pitch that amazing idea, to understand your flaws, to work on fixing those flaws, to coming back home, and getting that good sleep, that, is work.

Being a student, we are at that point in life, where the work and efforts we put in now, are the key points to how our careers turn out to be, later in our lives. Be it learning those skills you always wanted to learn, writing that innovative research paper, working on that creative project of your’s, now is the time.

Time; don’t waste it. If you already did spend alot of your time not working for your goals, don’t spend your time now regretting it either, but rather get to work.

Don’t be that guy who has amazing goals set out for themselves, but prefers to scroll through Instagram Feed rather than working towards achieving those goals.

You have the ability to decide what you do, what you want do, why you want to do it, and when you want to do it. The sooner you realise this, the sooner you start working.

I know you'll put in your best efforts, and I'm sure you'll do great! 🤍
Best of luck!

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Built a web scrapper for COVID-19 Data
  • Worked on COVID-19 Analyzer
  • Built a dashboard in Dash (deployed in heroku)
  • Started working on building a dashboard in Django
  • Learned more about Power BI

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Have a really productive and a blessed day
  • Clean my room
  • Work on the “Project
  • Write down the goals for the next week
  • Work on building the potfolio

updated_at 17-06-2021