Octocat 😺

Octocat 😺

Nothing special. Just a picture of a happy Darth Vader

Purpose πŸ’«

Being a student, we often face situations where we lack motivation, and procrastinate alot due to that.

A major reason for this could be in finding the purpose in doing something. The best tool that you could use to face and fight against the Resistance that you often face when you get working on your tasks, is having a firm purpose in mind. And trust me, this could go a really long way.

Each of us might have our own dreams and goals, that we might not even share with anyone, as we consider them to be sacred. Despite having them in our minds, we soon lose our interest in working towards it, as we forget to remind ourselves why we were doing it. It could be that online course you were doing, which you lost interest in, in about a week.

When you start off in doing something (eg: personal project, university assignment, etc.), always remember throughout the process of completing it about why you were doing it (eg: to increase your cgpa). This would help you put in your best efforts always, and bring you joy while walking through each step in that process. Try it out yourself!

Give it a thought. Why did you take these steps that you walked through?
Are you still serving the purpose that you once had?

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Cleaned my room
  • Set up Ubuntu on a laptop that was just lying in the cardboard for about a year now (it surprisingly works well)
  • Worked on the β€œProject”
  • Officially a GitHub Campus Expert now! 🚩

Goals for tomorrow πŸ“

  • Have a beautiful morning (go for a walk maybe?)
  • Continue on working with building the dashboard with Django
  • Reach out to community leaders
  • Continue practicing Competitive Programming

updated_at 18-06-2021