Day 45

What did I do today? ⚡️

I started my day by finishing the work for the Jenkins issue. Managed to create a PR for it.

I also found a small issue with the documentation of one of the arcgis api of ESRI. So I created an issue, and created a PR for it.

I did a small code review for one of the sessions for the Coding Bootcamp.

Later, I found another pretty nice issue in one of the repos of Microsoft; to add Jupyter Notebook support to one of their projects. So I created a PR for the same.

After I came back home, I worked a bit on Deep Learning. I’m almost done with the course, I’ll try to get done with by tomorrow.

After that, I went out with my friends and vibed, and ended up coming back home by 10:40 PM.

That’s it for Day 45! (wassa good day!) 🚀

updated_at 28-09-2021