Day 44

What did I do today? ⚡️

I started my day by working on that issue for Jenkins. I’m almost done. I’ll try to create the PR for it by tomorrow.

I found another issue with their docs. So I created an issue, created a PR, and got it merged as well.

I started working on another small project I thought to do: As I’m a person who takes notes, to-dos, etc. often, and I always use my terminal, I thought to combine both of them, and try creating a CLI tool with python, which does exactly that. I hope I don’t ditch this project :)

After coming back home, I spent some time studying Data Mining and Operating Systems.

After that, I spent some time with Deep Learning again. Learnt more about Dropout and Batch Normalization Layers.

That’s it for Day 44! 🚀

updated_at 27-09-2021