Why do I love fridays? πŸŒ™

Friday! 🌞

Friday is that day of the week for me where I energize and find peace for the coming week. I usually do this by cleaning out my workspace, spending time with my family, and even planning out my next week.

Spending a day with myself and looking back at the week I had really gets me going and also to do better the coming week.

Fact: Starting a blog (like this one) was something I thought of on a friday, probably a year back, when this pandemic started. So lets hope that I keep this going! πŸ’―

(PS: I added a comment section to the posts now, so you could let me know what your beautiful mind thinks!)

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Used my phone for less than 40 minutes! πŸ†
  • Created a Pull Request for NeoAlgo Repository
  • Learned more about the PEP8 Style for Python
  • Added a plant to my workspace 🌻
  • Got a really good sleep πŸ’€
  • Created my first GitHub Issue! πŸ¦„

Goals for tomorrow πŸ“

  • Read research papers on NLP πŸ“„
  • Interact with the EXPO officials finally at the EXPO site!
  • Start the book β€œThe War of Art” By Steven Pressfield πŸ“–
  • Brainstorm talks with friends
  • Work on Data Wrangling with Python 🐍
  • Update OpenDSA Repository
  • Work on my upcoming session πŸ”₯

updated_at 02-04-2021