Check-in πŸ“Œ


A picture from the floor I work at

I had to take a break from writing this amazing blog, due to the hectic work from everywhere.

Besides that, I have huge plans coming up, InShaAllah. I’ll try to put up more about it here. So expect that soon!

To catch you up, I got down with my Second Year (yay!), and I have my Summer Internship at Emirates going on right now. I’m currently working with the Revenue Optimisation Division at Emirates. Besides that, my daily-schedule was pretty messed up from the last semester, and I’m still trying to fix it and get good sleep.

I have a bunch of thoughts in my head, which I want to soon share with you all, through this blog and other platforms (πŸ‘€)

Hope you are doing good as well, and staying productive at the same time! ✨

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Worked on PostgreSQL problems
  • Learnt more about Bayesian Approach to Time Series Forecasting
  • Found a solution to an Airline based hierarchy problem, using Python
  • Worked on optimising a node based data structure, through a dynamically structured Binary Search Tree

Goals for tomorrow πŸ“

  • Read a paper on CNN based approach to Vehicle Damage Detection
  • Work on completing the real-time problem on Airline Legs and Segments
  • Plan out for the upcoming project
  • Schedule time better to productively spend time at work

updated_at 13-06-2021