Coaster ☕️

Coaster ☕️

Check-in 📌

One of the million things that I like about Ramadan is that you get closer with your family. Be it if you are preparing the Iftar, grabbing groceries, praying together, or waking up late for Suhoor with 2 minutes left for Fajr, Ramadan brings more love and joy to a family through even the most trivial tasks. ♥️

Also, on a very different note, try this coding problem out, where you are asked to merge k-sorted lists. If you are familiar with merge sort, this problem will be a piece of cake for you! (Although the time complexity in merging two sorted lists at a time is not ideal). You could find my solution to the problem here.

Highlights of the Day ✨

  • Continued working for the Database Systems Assignment 📝
  • Attended the Club Interview 💯
  • Sent my Project Proposal for the next semester ✍️
  • Continued learning Flask 🐍
  • Ramadan Day 12 ❤️

Goals for tomorrow 📝

  • Write the report for Developmental Studies Assignment 📝
  • Learn Flask Validations 🐍
  • Ramadan Day 13 ❤️

Word of the Day 🔎


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