Day 42

What did I do today? ⚡️

I spent some time doing a course on Deep Learning (in Kaggle), to get familiar with the concept for using it in my upcoming project.

I also started working on this issue I found on GitHub today, for Jenkins, which is a CI/CD platform. I’ll try to create the pull request for it by tomorrow, or the day after.

I also found an issue for ESRI, which I think is pretty easy to work on. So I might try to work on that as well.

There was a live session by Appwrite today, for the upcoming Hacktober. The session was called “Intro to Open Source”, and it had Juan Pa from GitHub, Swift from MLH, Jen from Microsoft, and Aditya from Appwrite/MLH. It was great to listen in to the amazing conversation on everything open source to even building amazing communities through them.

updated_at 25-09-2021