Day 28

What did I do today? ⚡️

I finally got some time to code properly today. And it felt gooood! 💖

I spent some time finalising one of the sessions for the Coding Bootcamp today. As I’ve said earlier, I’ll have to spend more time on it, over this week, so that I could get done with the Documentation before the Bootcamp commences.

I started building my Portfolio Website today! I did a bit of designing and mockup. I’ll soon put it up everywhere, so that people looking to hire, could have access to a more descriptive resume.

I spent some reading about few topics and concepts, related to the research paper that I might soon be working on. I’ll have to find a good library or framework too (probably in Python), to code alot of math.

I worked on JavaScript too today! Spent some time trying out and getting familiar with Regex (Regular Expressions) in JS. I’m slowly getting a hang of JS!

That’s it for Day 28! 🚀

(OH! I also got a scholarship ticket for the Open Networking & Edge Summit + Kubernetes on Edge Day 2021 event that is happening on 11-12th October. Can’t wait!)

updated_at 11-09-2021