Day 26

What did I do today? ⚡️

Today seemed like a normal day (better than the past 4 days).

I mainly spent my time today (after coming back from university) on doing a bit of research, on a lot of stuff:

  1. I’ll be working along with my boy, Adnan, on this Data Mining project for this semester. We were quite confused with what to be working on in the beginning, but we ended up choosing “Game AI and Deep Reinforcement Learning” as our project topic. Found some really cool resources (mainly from OpenAI) for the same.

  2. I’m also planning to work along with a senior from my university on this research paper on Brownian Motion and Stochastic Equations, where I’ll be focusing on the programming part of the paper. So, I had to search up on few concepts, to get a better overview of the topic.

  3. I also did a bit of research on Deep Learning Concepts, as I think I might need some of them for the Computer Vision Project I’m working on.

I also spent some time working on the Documentation for the Coding Bootcamp. I’ll try to focus more on the bootcamp this week, so that I get finished up with it soon. I’ll have to also plan how the sessions would be conducted, once the bootcamp starts.

That is pretty much it from Day 26! 🚀

(Also, we are 1/4th way through our challenge!! 🕶)

updated_at 09-09-2021