Day 16

What did I do today? ⚡️

So I got up late today (More like I slept alot more today, cus uni opens up soon).

I spent some time working on my JavaScript. I’ll try to cover Regex tomorrow. I’ll also try to go through few Data Structures that JavaScript provides.

Besides that, I spent some time on CSS. I tried to go through few concepts related to Positioning the elements properly, through Flexbox and Grid Layout.

I also worked on learning the Flutter Framework. I found this pretty good playlist (atlast), where he explains the concepts used in Flutter. (YouTube - Flutter in Practice)

I spent some time browsing through and finding resources for Computer Vision. I tried to use the “awesome-computer-vision” repo in GitHub, but I didn’t find any well-documented playlist or courses there. I did find good content on Computer Vision, on YouTube, by Stanford and Udacity, so I might try using those itself. (Let me know if you have any other resources)

That’s it for Day 16! 🚀

updated_at 30-08-2021